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  Movie Code | E150  
  Genre | Horror, Thriller  
  Language | English  
  Subtitle | No Subtitles Available  
  Release Date | Thursday, 1 Jun 2017  
  Main Cast | Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Jeff Daniel Phillips  
  Director | Rob Zombie  
  Running Time | 103 minutes  
  | Violence And Gore  
Official Website Watch Trailer  
On the eve of Halloween, five men and women working at carnival are kidnapped and confined in huge ruins. The doors and windows are all closed, they have no runway. No, there was one way they left behind, the way to win the crazy game called “31”. The mission was to survive 12 hours from the raging madmen.

The Devils, a three-person group wearing a crazy costume named Father Murder, Sister Serpent, Sister Dragon. These three people control all of “31”. The captured five people turned into human parts of the most dangerous game. It will be forced to live for 12 hours, battle with bars, knives and merichensac. The opponent is The Heads… a madman group of murderers who made a clown look. The monsters run around the facility, those who are found are attacked without mercy, a 12 hour hell starts. The Devils are enjoying betting while watching the way their pieces escape. Each time a piece is killed, the wager rises and the game shows excitement.

There is no rule in this game.

Only those who survive for 12 hours can be free.

Let’s start.

A game called “31”.

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