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Shaw Theatres nex

23, Serangoon Central, #04-64, nex, Singapore 556083

Shaw Theatres nex is the state-of-the-art cineplex in Shaw's stable of theatres. With the latest cinema technology and a total seating capacity of more than 1,265 in all ten halls, you can be sure of a fantastic movie experience.

It has the most number of 3D digital halls at one location, premium halls at a suburban district, 3D digital technology for premium halls and dedicated in-cinema lift for the handicapped.Shaw Theatres nex is located at the 4th & 5th storey of nex - The biggest mall in the North East of Singapore – set to transform the Serangoon streetscape.

At nex,Shaw Theatres will also introduce the "Premiere Screen" concept, allowing consumers to enjoy a premium cinematic experience. With deluxe leather seats and premium dine-in services within a cosy 48-seaters hall, the Premiere Screen halls at nex will bring an element of luxury to the doorstep of suburban residents.

Targeting a discerning audience, Premiere Screen will be the first premium hall to feature 3D digital technology. Details on the two Premiere Screen halls at nex will be announced at a later date. ... Show more

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